The Community Nativity Celebration is an event for both the eyes and the ears! Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through this Nativity exhibit and sacred Christmas music.  Please refrain from photography and videography during the musical numbers.

We are pleased to present the following performers, featuring celebrated musicians, and choral groups from across the Metroplex.


Thursday, November 30

 5:00 pm Becky LaBella, voice

 5:30 pm Coppell High School Madrigals

 6:00 pm Celebration Ringers from Christ United Methodist Church

 6:30 pm Deb Elieson, piano

 7:00 pm Jenny Stokes, organ

 7:30 pm Tyler Hokanson, viola

 8:00 pm Sunny Heesun Yun and In-Seub Joeng, piano


Friday, December 1

 9:00 am Heather Phillips and Theresa Robinson, piano duo

 9:30 am Heather Phillips, piano

10:00 am Melissa DeGuire, voice

10:30 am Stephanie Elmer and Connie Riska, piano duo

11:00 am Jen Paulsen, organ

11:30 am Camille Phillips, piano

12:00 pm Knowlton Family, voice and piano

12:30 pm Anna and Sarah Davis, voice and piano

 1:00 pm Morgan Wicker, piano

 2:00 pm Prestwick STEM Academy Guitar Ensembles and Choirs

 3:00 pm Michelle Fowers, flute and piano

 4:00 pm Bailee Ferrin, piano

 4:30 pm Carrollton Texas District Missionaries

 5:00 pm Ranchview High School Orchestra

 5:30 pm Deb Elieson, piano

 6:00 pm R L Turner High School Chamber Orchestra

 6:30 pm Lauren Fisher, voice

 7:00 pm Jenny Stokes, organ

 7:30 pm Kelsi Da Silva, flute

 8:00 pm Sounding Joy Christmas Choir

 8:30 pm LDS Carrollton 3rd Ward Musicians (Español)


Saturday, December 2

 9:00 am Piano Students of Jen Paulsen and Heather Phillips

 9:30 am Leah Hanson, piano

10:00 am Polser Elementary Choir

10:30 am LDS Carrollton 3rd Ward Children’s Choir (Español)

11:00 am LDS Coppell 3rd Ward Children’s Choir

11:30 am Daniel and Allison Memmott, voice and piano

12:00 pm Joyful Voices Choir of Aldersgate United Methodist Church

12:30 pm Vocal Trio Anne Banks, Bonnie Hancock, and Jan Hodge

 1:30 pm Elizabeth and Kathie Tensmeyer, voice

 2:00 pm Ezra Hood, organ and violin

 2:30 pm Jackson Fowers and Martin Wicker, piano, violin, trombone and voice

 3:00 pm LDS Coppell 1st Ward Children’s Choir

 4:00 pm Amy Larsen, flute

 4:30 pm Tara Peckham, voice

 5:00 pm Frank Blankson and Theresa Robinson, voice and piano

 5:30 pm Charito Perez and her piano students

 6:00 pm Vocal Quintet Chris Hopkin, Andrew Lloyd, Alan Melville, Eion Zink and Kelly Zink

 6:30 pm The Elieson Family, flute, harp, organ and piano

 7:00 pm Jenny Stokes, organ

 7:30 pm LDS Carrollton Texas Stake choir and Sing-Along